I hope I found my pot of gold.

Moving to Denver

My first visual assignment for class was chosen at random.  The instructions were to emphasize a color from a picture.  I have decided that my theme for the next two months is going to be me exploring a new city.  This picture was taken in July last year when I visited Denver (better yet Colorado) for the first time.  My little brother was trying to convince me to move out here, which is why I came to visit.  I told him that I was looking for a sign when I arrived.  Sure enough the first day I visited I saw a rainbow.  I was in a car so this is by far not the most epic picture taken but it was one sign that actually made me consider picking up my whole life and moving.

To create this photo I downloaded the app Photo Splash.  It was a free app that I downloaded on my cell phone.  The app walked you through the entire process.  Essentially your finger is the paint brush applying color to a black and white photo or visa versa.  I found this app to be very fun and not at all time consuming.  I know I will use this app again in the future as it does add that tough of drama to photo’s.

I think since this is my first visual assignment choosing one the first pictures I have ever taken in Colorado seemed appropriate. I am hoping things work out here but so far so good.  I would recommend anyone who takes a lot of pictures to download this free app because it works well.