Hail in the summer? Only in Denver.

I picked a random TDC and the instructions were to make a video of something slow.  This is a video I filmed about a month ago.  It was 70 degrees out and hailing.  This was the first time I experienced the crazy weather in Denver.


Slicing a cake

For todays TDC I was supposed to show a picture of innovation.  For my dad’s birthday we got him a typical cake and sang him Happy Birthday.  I can’t remember why we couldn’t find a knife but my little brother (pictured here) grabbed my older brothers samurai sword from his bedroom.  Clearly a sword like this is usually used for decoration but for one day it was actually put to use!

Napkin/Post it note joy

For my Daily Create today I was supposed to draw on a napkin for someone I love and give it to them.  I decided to use a post it note because I have to mail it.  I am dating a guy who lives in Ohio.  Ever since I moved to Colorado,  I have been mailing him post it notes every few days.  I am not sure why I have continued this for so many months but it is fun for me.  He told me he saves them all so he clearly appreciates my art.

In two weeks I am going to visit my little brother LA for my birthday.  I heard there was been a high number of shark attacks this year prompting me to incorporate that into my post it note.  My boyfriend reads my blog everyday so I guess he will see the digital copy of this before he receives it in the mail.