Remixing a song while trying to maintain my sanity

After taking several deep breaths (and surprisingly no shots) I have completed my first audio assignment.  I must say that I finally thought I was making progress in this class.  That is FALSE, it took me FIVE hours to complete this assignment.  If that is not commitment I sure don’t have a clue what is.  I used Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and The National’s song Slow Show mixed together. The National is not a super popular band but it is one of my favorites.  There is already a piano in the song so I figured these very different genre’s of music would mesh well.  The result is obviously very choppy but I feel the biggest sense of accomplishment. I am not going to quit my day job as I have realized over the course of five hours that music is VERY difficult to manipulate.

Deep Breath.  Exhale.

The assignment I chose to do had me mesh together two songs.  I will walk you through the process because below me, it’s extensive.

1.  Download Audacity

2.  Take two songs of your choosing from YouTube.  Click on the “share” tab below the video and copy and paste the short link onto this website.  This web site (You Tube to Mp3) converts the file for you and makes it downloadable onto your computer.  This by the way is my favorite way to get free music.  I must also warn you I have been know the rip tags off of mattresses as well.  Call me a common criminal.

3.  Download and save this file to your computer

4.  Open Audacity and “import” the two songs.  You will need to cut and paste various parts of the songs into each other.  It actually is a very simply cut and paste process similar to Microsoft Word.  Helpful hints:  Learn from my mistakes:  Stereo music (like the music you listen to on the radio and Mono music like classical music are different.  Mono music “cut and paste portions” can go into Stereo music files but not visa versa.  Don’t ask me I know little about music files.  “EXPORT” this music to your computer do not save it.  Again,  I think it has to do with the type of file .

5.  Go to SoundClouds’s website and import your music and your done!!!


I am looking forward to moving away from he Audio aspect of this class. I can say I did learn how to use Audacity though! A note about the picture… my BRAND new laptop shut down in the middle of my project for no apparent reason. Is my laptop sabotaging me?! I’d like to think so.  No big deal, once you take a whole day off work to complete one homework assignment you will feel my pains.