Current Projects


With three other students in the Information and Learning Technology (ILT) program at the University of Colorado Denver, I presented a webinar on free collaboration tools.

Title: STOP! Collaborate and Listen (Insert PDF handout)
Description: The goal of this webinar is to discuss various collaboration tools and ways you can use them to work with your classmates from anywhere.


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  • Click here (insert)  to obtain the handout

By watching this webinar you will be able to …

  • Watch a live demonstration of setting up a Doodle poll.
  • Use Google Docs to enhance online collaboration with some lesser known features. Google Doc Activity Link
  • Slack Do activity (Insert: Waiting )

Click here to view the webinar recording (Insert Link to Webinar)

Collaboration Team:

  • Susan Laws (Insert Link)
  • Cheryl Lock (Insert Link)


Title: “Snag” your perfect image or video in an instant!
Description: An introduction to Snagit 12: how to capture your first picture and video

The participant at the end of this webinar will be able to capture an image or short video and edit it.

Click here to view the webinar! (Need to insert link)


Included below is my ongoing change proposal assignment.   I am also building on this as my Internship project.  More to come in Summer 2017.

Title: Change Proposal: Tuition Benefit Waiver Revamp
Description: This project describes an intervention and my efforts to facilitate the change process in my work setting at the University of Colorado.

Change Proposal

Change Proposal: Tuition Benefit Waiver Revamp