Research & Practice

Designing for Instruction:  Non-profit

Used instructional planning and design as the foundational process used to discover, ideate, prototype, design, deliver, and evaluate effective nef finallearning solutions for a nonprofit (the Nathan Ebanks Foundation).

Highlighted the gap in learning using design frameworks to create an effective learning solution.  This research experience was highlighted in my final presentation with my partner.

  • Design Document:  PDF
  • Link to presentation: video

Study Abroad:  United Arab Emirates

dubai vs

Explored the Middle Eastern perspective on higher education, by broadening my understanding of the importance of formalized education through research and experience.

Collaborative Online Instruction

stop collDesigned and delivered a synchronous learning event while demonstrating a proficiency with various technologies including 3 collaboration tools:  Doodle, Google Docs and Slack.

  • Webinar slides:  PDF 
  • Supplemental Handout:  PDF

Internship/Change Project:  Strategic Revamp

twb imageSupported bottom-up innovations within a higher education setting including revamping a cumbersome internal process.  In collaboration with several different teams, I facilitated both open dialogue and a drastic policy change effecting countless employees at the University of Colorado.
What begun as a change management project turned into an Internship that spanned 2 semesters, eventually leading to a new job.
  • Initial Change Project:  PDF
  • Proposed and Documented Changes: PDF