Learning and Instructional Theory:  Infographic
Infographic-System Staff Council

About the University of Colorado System Staff Council (SSC):  Advances the exchange of ideas and concerns between staff, the president and executive administration.

As a member/volunteer of the SSC, I created a brief infographic that is used to help encourage employees to volunteer for SSC committees within the building.  This fliers call to action enhances the effectiveness of the infographic from an instructional perspective.

  • Design Documentation:  PDF
  • CU needs YOU! infographic:  PDF

Design Aesthetic:  Video Scribe

About the University of Colorado Staff Council (UCSC):  Serves as a  university wide representative body for communicating matters of interest to classified staff and university employees to CU administration and the CU Board of Regents.

ucsc picIn fall 2016, UCSC invited university employees to fill out a work climate survey.  As a member/volunteer of the UCSC, I volunteered to  turn the results of this survey I helped create, into a creative presentation for all  employees to view.


Instructional Materials:  Pecha Kucha

Also, as a member/volunteer of the UCSC, I am passionate about promoting the need for the University of Colorado to offer all employees a paid parental leave option.  Over the course of 2+ years I researched parental leave and constructed a “white paper” for leadership to review to consider my proposal.  I constructed a Pecha Kucha rich with instructional value that documented my journey. Parental Leave Proposal

  • Design Documentation: PDF
  • “How to Propose a Paid Parental Leave Benefit” Pecha Kucha Presentation: YouTube
  • Proposal I co-drafted for the University of Colorado Leadership: PDF