Content & Creativity

Course Creation

Designed an online mini-course by combining shapeshifttechnology, content, and pedagogy to create an effective learning experience in Canvas.

  • Shapeshift Your Workplace storyboard design:  PDF
  • Link to finished product: Canvas

Digital Storytelling: DS106

Social learning practices devoted to DS106.  Remixing two different themes to enhance my digital story.

  • “Snow White visits the Mile High City”: blog post
  • “Rampage attack on Denver”: blog post

Attack on DenverSnow White visits the mile high city





Affinity Space:  Minecraft

MC image

Critically analyzing gamification and exploring implications across an unfamiliar domain: Minecraft.

  • “MineCraft, a whole new world”: Blog post
  • “MineCraft: My Journey” Affinity Space Presentation:  YouTube

Blogging:  Gamification

glued-to-tv.jpgSynthesizing personal play experiences  and theory and research while reflecting on my experiences using my WordPress blog.  Explored unfamiliar content while exploring the possibilities and implications of gamification.

  • Reflecting on my blog:  PDF