Annie WorkLearning has always been a high priority in my life, as time goes by I have appreciated the value it has brought me. I recently completed my Master’s degree in Information & Learning Technologies program at the University of Colorado Denver.  I believe that educating yourself is a lifelong process and I enjoy constantly striving to better myself.

As a trainer in higher education, I adapted materials to be more visually interesting as well as more instructionally sound.  As an instructional designer, my experience of what works in the training room helps to shape my materials for use in my place of work.  I strive to bridge all my previous (and current) school experiences into the work place to provide individuals with the opportunities to do their jobs more efficiently.

I am inspired by other cultures perspectives of higher education.  Enjoy a glimpse of my recent journey to Dubai in the photo’s throughout my website.

Check out my resume for a more detailed history of my work experience.