Toasting to Creativity


This week I viewed two different videos pertaining to drawing.

Both of these videos touched on the fear that people have surrounding their ability to be able to draw.  In my opinion this is almost a self-conscious feeling that is a common trait among adults.  While watching these videos I began thinking about why individuals would feel their skill levels are so low.  Art is supposed to be a less judgmental form of expression open to interpretation.  The ill feeling towards attempting to create a drawing lies within the drawers own mind.

How to make toast

A visual guide to perfecting the art of toast creation

When compared to children, adults seem much more closed off in feeling they can freely express themselves.  The two videos I viewed almost appear to instill confidence into adults practicing these very basic techniques.  I enjoy any hands on projects so these videos were an enjoyable and creative way to feel more confident about my own abilities. I even shared the picture I created to show case my final product.  Enjoy!

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