Infographics – Stay Focused!

Decisions.. decisions… it is week 3 of the 6710 Creative Design and Instructional Materials and we are talking about CARP in relation to infographics.  My first major project for this class is designing an infographic for a topic of my choosing.  I have been mulling this over for a bit know and I have not completely locked down my idea.  I know it will relate to my volunteer group I am part of at the University of Colorado.  What I am unsure of is how I want to present it.

Different ideas

  • Option 1: University of Colorado System Staff Council – Learn how to volunteer for this group and what we do
  • Option 2:  University of Colorado Staff Council – Look at the survey results we just obtained this month + Learn how to volunteer for this group and what we do

Regardless of which option I end up with, I found an infographic that visually looks like something I hope to put together.  I like the colors and general layout of this graphic.  Since I am creating something that will be used professionally, I am aiming for something similar looking.  What this does well for my use is cutting down on the words and the actual amount of information.  I found even spending the time to look for an infographic very inspiring!

Source of the infographic pictured can be found here on Pinterest:

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