Playing like a kid

pop 1Easter Sunday provided a perfect opportunity to learn a new game.  As I was walking out of my car on Sunday, I was worried that I still had not blogged about playing a new game.  I was pleasantly surprised when I saw “Pop the Pig” sitting in the living room.  Before lunch I was able to play this game a few times.  I was immediately interested at this large plastic pig.  Based on looks alone, I would give this game high marks on visual appeal.   According to Goliath, the creator or this game, it is the #2 best-selling new kids game of the last five years.  That statistic really had me interested in what this game had to offer.

The basis of the game is to smash burgers into a pig’s mouth until his cloths burst open.  The player rolls the dice and selects a hamburger based on the color rolled.  Then, his head is “pumped” a few times.  Eventually his shirt breaks open.  The burgers were a reasonable size and I think it wouldn’t be difficult for very young children to play this game.  A child could learn colors (4 different ones), numbers, and basic wait your turn/ social skills.  The game play was geared towards 4-8 year old.  It was straight forward and there was no need for any instructions.

pop 2Kids would find this silly and fun, but as an adult it is sort of teaching children a bad message.  I am all for fun kid’s games but the thought of a pig eating a burger to me is a bit cannibalistic to me. Pop the Pig is a silly game that to me that models an actual problem in America.  Eat until you bust.  I am not trying to be the stick in the mud here but these game makers barely even tried to be creative.

I did read some reviews of this game and an Occupational Therapist recommended this for a child who had attention and learning difficulties.  In specific scenarios such as this, maybe there would be more relevance.  In a formal setting where a parent or teacher was walking a child through the steps, this could have positive applications.  In informal settings, I do not think this is as valuable.  The wow factor of the pig’s clothes breaking open does seem to be engaging to children.

pop 3As a parent, maybe opt for a game that teaches more than counting to 4 while over feeding a pig.   This game would not be my first choice at the store, I rate this one as a pass. This game is portable and the cleanup is a breeze for parents as all the burgers (game pieces) can be stored in the game itself.  There are not enough positives to this, to warrant a purchase.  Coming with a steep $22 price tag, I do not feel this game is worth it.  I would get far more use out of “Guess Who”, or “Monopoly”. Challenge your kids, don’t settle for a hamburger eating pig who can’t count past 4.


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