Say goodbye to static print materials

Flying pigs

As the weeks fly by, I am finally feeling like I am settling into my affinity space.  I cannot believe how much my opinion of Minecraft/MinecraftEdu has changed over the course of a few months.  At this point, my main interactions have been attending my weekly #MinecraftEdu chats and the occasional #games4ed involvement.  Also, the resources that I get from these provide plenty of information for me to soak up.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 6.25.02 PMI attended a #MinecraftEdu Tweetchat last week about Youtube Creation for Education.  I was correct in assuming this chat would talk about how to best use Youtube to leverage resources and to build your collaborative network.  Finally, I felt like I was doing something right (instead of someone directing me down the correct path several weeks later).  I have been using Youtube video’s to figure out all the Minecraft intricacies such as what to feed dogs to make them like you – raw porkchops, in case you are wondering.

The chat last week provided me a link once the Twitterchat began.  At first glance the critic in me thought it was advertising or spam.  I was surprised to see it took me to a website-  I included a screenshot below if anyone reading this is interested in what it looks like.  Here was more of a chat friendly version of Tweetdeck.  This was MUCH easier to use than Tweetdeck when responding to people.
Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 6.08.08 PM

I also participated in a chat yesterday that had to do with how Minecraft can visually represent ideas.  Although the concept of this seems obvious, there is so much that Minecraft has to offer that other games are not capable of.  There are physical limitations on Earth that can only be “perceived” by the use of technology.  A great example of this is traveling to space by use of virtual reality (or even in Minecraft).  The idea of a completely malleable world with pretty limited rules, can expand a student’s thought process beyond what they may have thought was possible.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 6.49.43 PMNot only was the chat yesterday easier to engage in because I was able to use Participate, I also found a great new place to store resources.  There was even a side bar that track notifications.  Anytime someone tweeted me or reposted something I said, it would show up on the side.  This for me cut down on the hassle of trying to keep up with who responded to who.  Why, oh why, did I not discover this little gem weeks ago?!

I thought Tweetdeck was great, until I discovered Participate.  I learned by asking my fellow Tweeter’s how they track resources and they suggested getting a transcript of the conversation (clearly that have thought of everything).  You can even pick a certain time frame in which to track to chat.  All of these resources are living breathing documents.  I have come to appreciate the constant evolution of information out there.  It is a refreshing change to my current work environment where people are scared and resistant to change.

Mine 1Also, I was told I can get the options mentioned earlier (Participate) on my phone as well.  It would be even easier for me to participate on my cell phone in the future.  Previous to this, I have been using my Mac only.  While it has been difficult for me to learn so many different programs, it seems like each time I find one, it builds on another one I use and it is completely integrated.  Ah, the sweet ease of technology!

I am excited to be able to present this to the class in a week!

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