Recognizing my own Shortcomings

TC 2Based on the Tweet on my Instructor’s post, I attended a #games4ed Tweet chat last night.  I didn’t find out this chat was going on until about 20 minutes before it began.  ** In my head I was telling myself that I wasn’t going to go blindly into another Tweet chat without preparing.  Too late.

TC 4I was in a #MinecraftEdu chat earlier in the week so I feeling a little better about my new acronyms (Ss, Ts, LCC, etc.).  The chat was about how to gamify a classroom: A field learning guide to game-based learning, led by Matthew Farber.  What I have come to enjoy about attending my #MinecraftEdu chat’s is that I am interacting with people in such diverse backgrounds.  I do have experience in working in middle schools but not as a teacher.  I currently work in Higher Education so it has been nice to listen to the HUGE changes that are going on in some classrooms.

TC 3I am slowly coming to the realization that you can participate in almost any group online.  Although I am not well versed in implementing technology in a classroom or teaching, I have been recently exposed to a wealth of information pertaining to Minecraft Education.  So when the first question, “Games, like texts, can transport our minds to new places. What games do you use as digital field trips?” I was really excited.  I was able to share the AWESOME Minecraft world I watched from my #MinecraftEdu Twitter chat earlier this week.  Students in John Ullman’s classroom made a fun walk thru of Colonial Williamsburg. The post was retweeted a few times, no big deal (kind of a big deal 🙂 ).  Fun chat, I would like to make these interactions a regular thing.  Unfortunately, I was not able to tag John Ullman, who posted the video, on Twitter because I can’t seem to locate him on YouTube.  I was impressed at what these students accomplished.

Side note: I am maybe the worst Minecraft player out there, especially TC 5compared to seeing what children are capable of.

I am realizing I need to interact with more individuals in Higher Education on Twitter.  That is my new mission, before the end of the semester.

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