Tweet chat-Exploring the unknown

twitter chat 1Yesterday was my first Tweet chat.  What did I do to prepare for this you ask?  I googled what to do in a tweet chat.  That didn’t get me very far.  I was confused how I could read all of the comments from people using a similar hashtag.   Then I remembered Tweetdeck had that option. I added a column that included @Games4eED and I was able to track what everyone was saying for the hour.

twitter chat 3I was relieved to find there was a moderator that provided questions throughout the entire conversation.  At first I wan’t sure if I was supposed to bring something to the table.  I responded to 7 different questions, as well as replying to other’s comments.

twitter chat 6.jpgThe conversation that occurred was surrounding narratives and their involvement in the development of games.  The audience to me appeared to be comprised of mostly educators from pretty diverse backgrounds. One of the responses to the questions, included #MinecraftEdu, and I replied to this individual. Although I do not use games in the workplace, I am trying to make connections in the MinecraftEdu world (as an extension of my affinity space).  I was excited when someone reached out to me and told me about a Minecraft chat on Tuesday.  Although this is later than I usually stay up (10pm), I am excited at the opportunity to engage with this group of people.

twitter chatI think next time I am going to do a little research before I engage in a Tweet chat.  I wasn’t sure what to expect on my first one, but now I know a little more how they are structured.  As I mentioned earlier, I do not use narrative and games together on a regular basis but there was still a lot to learn from this experience.  As a result of this chat I have a few new followers and I have a link to my affinity space.  What more could I ask for?!


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