Minecraft, a whole new world

Affinity Space: Initial Observations

After hours of searching and dealing with constant frustration, I have found an affinity space I feel excited to engage with.  MINECRAFT


To be honest, my knowledge of Minecraft is that it is a game full of block people.  I assume it is similar to Sims.  There is no limit to the amount of articles that are meant to explain this game.  After reading the article from Business Insider, I am beginning to feel a bit left out.  This is apparently the “it” game.  How have I lived without it?! (Sarcasm)  Levels in this game are randomly generated.  I find this interesting, as I have come to love the predictability of my old Mario games.  Minecraft’s stages are all composed of the same basic materials and visual look in the game but each hold unique characteristics.  There is even a night and day during gameplay.  I am beginning to start to believe all hype considering millions of people play this game.  According to my research before downloading it, there are different ways to play this game.  I enjoy this as I am a complete novice.

minecraft-imageGameplay Includes:

  • Survival mode
  • Hardcore mode
  • Creative mode
  • Adventure mode
  • Spectator mode
  • Multiplayer

They even recently released a more educational version of this game for students/children.  I must admit I love the idea of teaching children through game play in the classroom, how modern.  According to Ali Carr-Chellman, an instructional designer and author who studies the most effective ways to teach kids and to make changes at school, “Games are surprisingly powerful learning tools on their own.  How can they be applied to classroom learning?”  Minecraft might just be the answer.  Being able to engage with children while doing something they enjoy in and outside of the classroom could be the key to staying relevant.

minecraft-in-school         Minecraft: Education Edition includes all kinds of cool features that make it fun and easy for educators to create and teach lessons through Minecraft. … The complete version of Minecraft: Education Edition is now available to purchase for $5 per user, per year, or through a Microsoft education volume licensing discount.”


The Education addition has various categories that teachers can pick from that are specific to a child’s age group.  Upon previewing several of these, I have to say I was impressed.  For 5$, there was a lot to offer on the website.

My next big move was to add #Minecraft and #MinecraftEdu to my TweetDeck.  My initial impression of this was surprise.  #Minecraft is not in English.  Apparently I am under the assumption that it would have a following that was mostly comprised of English speaking individuals, I was wrong.  Also, #MinecraftEdu within the last hour, has posted a contest to create an imaginary MineCraft world, and someone is going to build it!


I can only imagine how many more websites, fan pages, and teacher resources are still out there.  I think I am ready to admit that I am excited to play Minecraft tonight!

3 thoughts on “Minecraft, a whole new world

  1. darrenblackman says:


    I left you some Hypothes_is comments to check out. I love your enthusiasm for MineCraft and how to employ it in your classroom. I am excited to see how your learning discovery continues, thanks for sharing!


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