CARP: It’s more than just a fish.

What is the value of the CARP principles?


Contrast: This is when you make things you want emphasized STAND OUT. This draws more attention to specific area’s or words.  A few examples of this are changing color, font, or line thickness in images.

Alignment: Lining up margins or columns can help group various items.  These sort of imaginary lines (left, right, center) will help the reader visually chuck information.

Repetition: Being consistent when displaying content to an audience is important.  If you want to highlight new words or concepts throughout a presentation, this should be done throughout the entire document not just intermittently.

Proximity: Related information should be grouped together.  This shows relationships and how words may connect to each other.  This will help reduce clutter during presentations.


When all four of these concepts are put together the resulting work is a more effective way of conveying information. Together, this becomes tows the line of being a graphic design.  Instructional Designers should keep this in mind when considering the audience needs to be as engaged as possible when learning new information.repetition

Repetition is the most important CARP principle. When learning find it often takes frequent exposure to new topics for them to stick. In successful presentations goals are outlined, explained and then summarized at the end. Repeating information only simplifies it in a person’s mind.

Example of effective CARP in action: centered, not too many words, relevant graphics and effective use of color/fonts.


Example of ineffective use of CARP: Too many words, font is too small, very boring cumbersome slide.



*Works Cited: Clicking on images will direct you to the source of the picture.


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