Review of a Webinar: Resumes that Rock!


  1. Title of the webinar:  Resumes that rock
  2. Date, start and end time of the webinar:  January 20, 2017, 9am-11am
  3. Number of participants who attended this webinar:  There was no indication of the number of participants (none that I was aware of)
  4. URL of the webinar announcement or description:

    Link to a the future one on the same topic:

  5. Information about how to review the recording of the webinar, if available:

    Link to the recording:

  6. Name(s) of webinar presenters:  Gary O’Neal – Recruiting and Corporate Hiring Consultant
  7. Summarize the major topics addressed in this webinar:


    How resumes are used in the hiring process.  What differentiates a good resume from a resume that ROCKS.  The difference between reality and myth for resumes and the hiring process.  How to use your work history to create and support your own “unique professional brand.”  Discover how best to handle career transitions and various unique situations

  8. Describe the way in which this webinar included active learning strategies:
    • Webinars can be difficult to follow if a person is just going over a Power Point. The presenter had a sample resume in which he actually physically typed out some of the things he was saying out loud. To me this helped better explain the words he was saying (by attaching them to an action). By physically seeing him do this, I felt more confident/ comfortable in either using his template or recreating mine.
  9. What is your assessment of the energy level and tone of voice of the presenter(s)? Were they excited and enthusiastic about the topic? Were they easy to listen to?

    interviewWhile I do not feel this presenter had a ton of energy, he did come across as very passionate and knowledgeable about the subject. I found it very easy to listen to him while taking notes and still feeling engaged.

  10. What did you think about their slides/graphics? Were they easy to read? Did your eyes get tired? Describe how they addressed or did not address CARP? What would you change?
    • The slides he had on the Power Point were fairly plain. The presenter spoke more about personal experiences and answering questions to fill in the gaps. There were not too many words and I did not get tired of reading. I was taking notes the entire time so this could be why I did not find the presenter to be boring. I do not feel he used the CARP model effectively. He seemed to get easily involved in people’s questions, which to me detracted from the Power Point. If I were him I would have more graphics to keep the slide show looking and feeling like it had more contrast. He did however keep the flow aligned.
  11. What did you think about their microphone and lighting skills? What worked and what would you change?
    • There was nothing to complain about or improve.thinking
  12. What aspects of this webinar might you want to duplicate in the webinars you develop in this course, i.e., the team project? What aspects do you want to avoid? Other lessons learned, reflections, inspirations etc.
    • I appreciate how the presenter asked if people had any questions. There were individuals who asked verbal questions and others (like myself) who simply typed the questions. It was good to get direct feedback from the moderator. It made the Webinar seem more personalized. The presenter had someone assisting him on any typed questions which were nice because they were about to group questions that may have been similar.
  13. When you submit this assignment, include a copy of any handouts, job aids, or other documentation you received as a participant in this webinar. Were these handouts helpful? If there were no handouts, would you have liked to have one? Why?


    • There were 3 documents I was viewing as the webinar was playing. I joined the webinar when it was already in progress. I did not sign up early and I did not get a copy of the handouts after the webinar. This is pretty frustrating. I was thinking maybe if I view the previously recorded webinar I can obtain these documents. I took 3 pages of notes though, so I didn’t feel the need to save any of these documents.
  14. Additional comments, compliments, criticisms:
    • I think the presenter did a good job of answering questions however; he spent in my opinion too long on some peoples questions. The two hour webinar went over and he talked about things that did not pertain to me.   For example, someone asked about having time spent in prison on his resume. I would assume this would only have applied to one person not necessary the whole group. Offline conversations might have been more appropriate for this type of situation.
    • I would HIGHLY recommend this webinar to anyone looking for resume inspiration. I learned a lot watching this and hearing someone else’s impression on “the other side.” I have signed up to watch the upcoming interview webinar.


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