To Game or Not to Game?


When deciding what courses to take towards my Masters program, seeing the title “Games and Learning,” the choice was all too easy.  I have always enjoyed games growing up.  I could sit for hours (back when I had the time) and put puzzles together.

super-nintendoI grew up in a big family, 8 to be exact.  I learned to be patient waiting for my turn playing Zombies Ate My Neighbors, on Super Nintendo, with my 3 brothers.  Now that I am an adult, I still play my Nintendo.  I find it both relaxing and challenging.  I enjoy the distraction from work and school.

In this course, I am  interested in learning various techniques that promote learning by using games.  It seems like gaming has been rising in popularity over the last decade or so.  There is a limitless amount of self exploration that games can provide.  There are people who maybe hesitant to participate in playing games based on previous experiences.  For example, it is intimidating picking up a video game controller and diving right in.  On the other hand, there are countless people who would rather sit in front of a TV for hours, playing games with people they have never met.

I wonder what it is about games that draw people in?


I was never that interested in playing sports growing up.  I enjoyed being outside, but I couldn’t understand why team sports were so popular.  I am hoping to understand how playing games can help individuals master new concepts.  It seems that learning through games often happens automatically and without much thought.  It makes me wonder what are the best ways of engaging a game player, while working through complex problems.


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