Blurring Lines


I wanted to respond to the article about Carly McKinney posting half nude pictures on Twitter.  It is clearly completely inappropriate to post pictures like that when you are a teacher.  Obviously Carla knows this and wanted to exercise her freedom of speech rights.  I can see why parents and coworkers would see this as distasteful and wrong.  She is supposed to be a role model for the children she teaches.  Out of respect for them she could have at least set her accounts to private.  Legally speaking, unless there is something in her contract, she may be off the hook for her posts.

Stories like this appear to be happening more frequently as the use of social media becomes a part of more people’s lives. It is easy to see why her students would support her; after all she is young and good looking.  I am interested to see how the city responds to this teacher as it will set the precedence for future cases that are bound to come up at some point.  With cases like this it is very clear why the education system, as well as ANY place of business should have policies in place to protect themselves.  If it ends up that in this case they want to fire the teacher, the school district may not be able to without legal repercussions.  I am interested to see what happens with this story, especially since it is a local story.

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