How do you build a tribe?


I work at Employee Services for the University of Colorado. I see and speak to many diverse individuals on a daily basis.  I came up with creating a Networked Learning Space (NLS) that caters to new employees in higher education.  There is always room for improvement in regards to updating resumes or polishing one’s interview skills.  My current work environment will allow me to pull from multiple resources in order to give a unique perspective behind the scenes at a university. The higher education sector has a vast candidate pool that may make it challenging for people to get a job.  I would like to encourage professionals from all backgrounds to share their own experiences that lead to successful resumes, interviews and job promotions.

There is a lot of value in the idea of having a “tribe.” After reading the articles last week pertaining to searching for tribes, I became increasingly aware that it really comes down to being a numbers game.  The more individuals you have reading your blog for example the more potential exposure you can have.  While trying to come up with a theme to base my I mulled over several different themes.  I think the NLS would be a fairly specific but much needed contribution to the edWeb environment.  My next step is contemplating how I am going to build my own tribe.

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