Coloring For All Ages


For my second “hot topic” post, I found an article about something that recently happened at work.  Because of all the stress and craziness at my place of work, they decided to hand out coloring books and colored pencils to all the workers.  Most people I work with shrugged it off and never even opened the book.  I was drawn to the article below because it described the therapeutic benefits of coloring!  A good read for anyone young, old or just looking for a bit of incite.

Why grown-ups love coloring books too via @TEDTalks

One thought on “Coloring For All Ages

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is great. My mother used to have a coloring book of her own when I was a child. I always though it was a bit silly… but I guess with four kids she probably really needed to de-stress!


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