Social Media – Usage and Thoughts

social media

I have reviewed several social media websites and provided my collective experiences about them below.

LinkedIn is a website I have always thought about using. I am not a very social media driven individual and the thought of putting down my entire job history for the world to see is a bit daunting, I can see where it would really help people network, but I guess I really like my job and I am not interested in participating in a networking website at this point. Long term this is definitely wheat I want to be a part of, so it comes down to more of a time constraint for me.

Twitter is brand new to me. I first started using it for my class this past Summer. I admit I had to google “how to use Twitter.” I actually wanted to delete my account after using it for a few months as I do not use it. I decided not to because of the social aspect of it. I know in the classes I am currently taking reference it. In the future it may be a tool I can use to reach out to my classmates in different way than Facebook.

Facebook is something I keep up with news on. I also use this when I am bored or I want a distraction. I am not that interested in people’s babies or appetizing food pictures. I rarely ever post and I do not use it for communicating with people.

Pinterest is right up there with sliced bread to me. Although I do not know all the in’s and out’s of it, I use it all the time. I feel inspiration from Pinterest. I may not always act on impulses to “refurnish a table” for instance but, I enjoy thinking in a more creative way. There is a constant stream of intriguing pictures and idea’s that pull me in.

Google+ is new and is uncharted land for me.


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