Connecting with Connectivism


Technology is rewiring our brains in many different ways. Technology makes us adapt in a quick way.  We are forced to make decisions or problem solve to get a desired result.  Regardless if we fail OR achieve what we wanted, we learned something.  The most recent example I can think of is dragging and dropping attachments into emails.  This is something that works with certain platforms (such as Outlook) but does not work in other instances (for example web applications).  It is not necessarily intuitive that you would be able to drag and drop files into emails.  It does save time when using this quick trick.  I can reflect back on several opportunities where I learned how to do things on my IPhone just by accident.

Technology is a constantly changing platform but some of what people know is based on previous personal experiences. You cannot learn everything you need to just by trial and error.  If I had not seen known about the ability to drag and drop files (like I do constantly on ITunes) I probably would not have thought about dragging and dropping attachments.  Somethings you must have a background in to be able to draw more educated conclusions.

Social media plays into the learning of technology in a big way. For me trial and error with Twitter has been the way I have learned how to use it.  I learned there are character limits as well as various other stipulations on posting things on that social media.  It is definitely not intuitive (at least to me) that there would be such a painstakingly small limit.  Wanting to engage on new social media websites does have an exciting draw it, even when using the website may not be user friendly.  This is where technology pushes a person to think deeper in order to navigate it.

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