Need plans for the weekend?

Click this link to see my finished project!!

To complete last weeks assignment, I created a web and started looking at places that I wanted to visit in Denver.  This web has grown to epic proportions, as I realize now, there is a lot ot do in Colorado.  I decided this week I wanted to come up with plans for an entire weekend.  This is a great idea for me personally because I know I do not currently have the time to do any sort of extravagant vacations.  But, in the future I would like to visit all of the places I researched.  I used Thrillist, Google maps, Trip Advisor as well as my previously created web to come up with all of these idea’s.  After the frustrations of the website I used last week, I have decided to upload a tutorial to DS106 this week.  If I had a tutorial last week I would have saved myself hours of frustration.

I first printed out 3 maps of area’s in Colorado I wanted to explore and did my research over the course of a few days.  This included countless post it notes, crossing out and asking coworkers what to do in various area’s of the state.  After receiving feedback I decided to start the map.pic1

On the DS106 webpage I found an assignment that had to do with using Google History maps to tell a story.  Well, I live in the present so I decided this will be my goal this week (I am making history right?).  I pic2used Google maps and clicked on the icon on the left to start (my master piece).

The drop down appeared below and you have to click on my maps to get started.

You need to

  • Give your map a title
  • Decide on your layering.
    • “Layers” can mean anything from a day to an entire trip it depends how many “layers” you want.  I chose 3 layers one for each of the days of the trip I was planning (one layer per city I was visiting)
  • Search for places
    • You can type “Denver Zoo” or “breweries” for example


I added a picture for every location.  I think this is helpful when you know what the place looks like (especially if you are not from the area).  Click on the pencil icon to edit this location. You can edit the name or add a picture in this screen.  Click on the camera icon.

pic4 pic5

Save, and your done with one location.  This is what mine ended up looking like after adding the three days including all of the locations.  I added lines to connect the locations for each day to make it easier to see where I will be traveling.

final 2

 Click this link to see my finished project!!


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