From Colorado? Watch this video!!

I strongly encourage you to take TWO minutes out of your day to watch this video.

To find this video for my critique, I Googled machinima video which took me to Vimeo’s website.  I then searched Denver, Colorado and that is how I located this video.  I had no idea’s on what to critique and I wasn’t sure what direction to go in, but I cannot tell you how enthusiastic I was that this video popped up.  This is a small blurb directly from Vimeo’s website about this short video…

“The highly-anticipated film Racing Extinction ( made its Colorado debut at the 2015 Boulder International Film Festival ( Racing Extinction, directed by Academy Award-winner Louie Psihoyos (The Cove), is a project of the Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS) that features an unlikely team of activists and innovators that hatch a bold mission to save endangered species. To illuminate the documentary’s important mission, the festival brought the ‘undercover mobile eco-projection’ vehicle from the film to inspire the communities of Denver and Boulder.”

After watching this short film it is easy to see the message behind such a large scale movement.  I went to the website that is the host to this project/film and found the actual trailer to this movie that was made.

I am critiquing the first video but thought the inclusion of the trailer portrayed the essence of “why” the car was driving around Denver/Boulder trying to draw attention to a global problem.  I used L&K’s literacy dimensions to critique this movie.

1)  Video editing skills:  being able to use editing software to splice together different stretches of recorded actions to create a cohesive whole.

The editors of this short movie did an excellent job piecing together clips of the car that was driving around the Denver/Boulder area and the crowds reaction to what the car was projecting.  At first I was confused what this movie was even about.  Upon watching the entire video and exploring the website I was impressed at the message they were attempting to make.  The video was shot not only along the streets of Denver but also, it was projected on the mountains for more of a dramatic effect.

2)  Using audio recording and editing software to create a soundtrack; including voices for dialogue and music

Surprisingly, there was no need for any auditory commentary.  The music in the background was enough to keep me engaged.  It was a nice blend of slow and dramatic.  For such a short piece it did enhance the overall project.  There was occasional words that were thrown in towards the beginning and end but the music really struck me as a perfect blend to the story they were telling.

3)  Requires being up to date with current news events, or familiar with significant social issues

There is almost nothing more significant than human impact on our world.  The very existence of the human race lies in our ability to sustain and protect the planet.  This video suggests the danger that we are heading towards if the trends that exists today continues. The trailer that I provided above, showcases the undercover efforts that emphasize the seriousness of this matter.  The car driving around Denver proves that people do care enough to at least listen and watch the projection.  Bringing local awareness to this global issue was achieved not only at the Boulder Film Festival this year but also downtown, at Union Station as well as various other parts of the city.  It was a great idea to make this movie as they were advertising for attention to a film that is definitely an eye opener.

I used a combo of area’s to critique this work because I found there was an underlying social/political agenda behind this film.  I would say overall I was really moved by the positive work that this film is achieving.  It is about educating people on an issue they have been ignoring or that they do not even realize the extent of.  There is no limit to the audience who wouldn’t be moved by this piece of work.  The fact that this film was made in the Denver/Boulder area really drives this message home.  It is an important issue locally and globally.  It starts with one person and it cannot end at the conclusion of the film.  As was said in the film “The greatest danger to our future is apathy.  There’s still a lot left worth fighting for” (Jane Goodall)

3 thoughts on “From Colorado? Watch this video!!

  1. Emily Keating says:

    Wow, that was really cool and what a cool car! I never saw The Cove because the previews made me really sad but I am glad there are people out there making these documentaries and exposing people to what’s really going on. I agree with your critique and I struggled to figure out how some of the things I found fit into the literacy dimensions but I like how to made it work! Nice find!


  2. mraarona says:

    Thank you for sharing your interesting video find! I was amazed by the impact that the projected video footage had. The messages that the video presented were powerful and did not need much more than the pictures and text. I thought the music was a nice selection and fit the video very well too. Was the car changing colors too or was that special effects?


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