Is that the light I see?

Because I obviously don’t know how to follow directions, I ended up reading chapter 6 AND 7 this week.  I have to say that there is something about this book that makes it an easy read for me to pick up and put down without being totally lost.  Chapter seven was an excellent explanation for the frame work and reasoning behind our class. I am almost disappointed that this chapter revealed itself so far into this course.  I feel the light bulbs actually turning on in my brain for the first time.


It’s not that I did not understand the idea of social learning but I have not felt that I have been an active participant in it (before this class that is).  This chapter finally solidified in my mind the WHY’s of the class. I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology and I have extensively learned American Sign Language which has had nothing but a positive impact in many area’s of my life.

I remember taking my first few classes learning the language.  I was nervous confused and totally lost when (similar to this class) I did not sign up for the class early like most other students.  Coming from the Psychology background I was always trying to be more of a silent observer when it came to learning a new language,  After the first year or two into the program I finally reached a point where I was comfortable talking to Deaf individuals and being completely immersed in, for example, Deaf conventions.

What is the relevance to all of this?  I finally understand the importance of complete immersion into a new culture or in this case social media.  I have spent the last six weeks waiting, wondering, trying and usually failing.  I think I was more fearful of not doing something right because I do not use any social media.  I think I spend more time clicking through my classmates projects to make sure I am on the right track then I should.  In a class in which I am not picked apart because of my improper grammar or inability to get an annotated bibliography exactly right, how could I know I am doing things “correctly?”  The answer is I don’t know but I shouldn’t really have to care.  I am completing all of the assignments to the best of my knowledge or ability for that week.

Sometimes I spend ten hours working on learning a new website (this week it was Kumu) and I still couldn’t get the darn thing to work right.  I guess accepting failure and moving on is just a small part of social media.  I am not always going to pick the right website to create a diagram or the fastest way to edit a picture but at least I learned.  Not only did I learn about about ten awesome bars in Denver, I was able to start to branch out my thoughts and idea’s into learning the geographical location about where I live.  I enjoyed using Kumu and I know I am going to use it in the future to track where I want to visit next even though I couldn’t figure out how to share it with the rest of the class (or for anyone who reads my blog I suppose).

light at the end of the tunnel

I feel this week I earned a solid 10/10.  The self reflection that was bestowed upon me after reading chapter seven really pushed me to connect the dots in this class.  I hate that there is two weeks left and I finally feel like I get the point of it all.  Better late than never?  In my opinion the over arching relevance of chapter seven should have appeared earlier in the book.  But then again maybe at that point. I wouldn’t have been able to grasp all of the concepts early on. None the less, I wish this class was longer as my confidence in my work is finally beginning to shine through.  I don’t think a 2 month class was long enough for me to absorb all these concepts.  I guess I will just have to leave it at that.

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