How to figure out the “why”

Sometimes I can’t tell if I am nervous or excited by this class.  I have been working on trying to be more efficient with my time by using post it notes to jot down idea’s and to add in completing my assignments quicker.  The mash up assignment I completed this week was very difficult to start.  I was glad to see I wasn’t the only person in this class to need quite a bit of time before starting this assignment.  My theme of exploring a new city is sometimes difficult to tie into projects, especially when I BARELY have time to do anything besides work and school.  Maybe I should have chose the topic of time management, my adventures in trying to find time to sleep.

Learning about Wiki’s and how they were created was much deeper than I would have thought.  I still struggle with the idea of understanding what kind of people have the time to contribute to something like that.  What really stuck with my was my pressing idea’s of what  open blogs were.  After reading about Project Runways blog I was expecting the worse when I looked at their website.  I was more than surprised to find an organized respectable whirl wind of options.  To me, L&K almost portrayed these blogs to be more brutal and smug than they were.  I am glad I chose to do my own research on those blogs because after reading this chapter I was thinking the worst.

I love the mash up assignment I completed this week as well.  It is so satisfying working on an idea that you have for so long.  In the back of my mind I remember seeing Kirk draw his idea’s out on paper.  I found this to be extremely helpful for me.  I actually was drawing idea’s on the bus on my way to work.  In the future I will use this tactic as I know that I am a visual learner.

This week I would say I earned a 9.25/10.  I say this because as much as I worked on my assignments, I still do not know if I am doing things correctly.  Why can’t I just wrap my mind around this class?!


The big area I struggle with is incorporating my theme into my posts.  I need to not just mention Denver but rather highlights of things I see.  I need to brainstorm ways to personalize my projects.  I think I cam do this by focusing more on the audience instead of myself. Also, for the record Mac’s are NOT something you can learn easily or quickly.  I struggle BIG time.

Why would people want to read my blog?  That is my focus thought for the next week. No more table flipping this week.  I must succeed.

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