Need motivating remixed music?

For todays critique I listened to a band called Girl Talk. No, Not the 80’s board game…

I came up with this idea after telling my brother about this class. My brother said iGirl Talk was a favorite band of his and they did a great job of mixing together music containing different genres. I decided if I was going to give them a listen, I might as well hear the whole album and not just a song. The music I listened to was on YouTube. **There is no accompanying music video that I found just the album was posted.

My first impression was that of total engagement. I was focus on trying to think of who sang every song and I initially found this mix difficult to run to. The beat slows down and speeds up rapidly. This song was to me the result of a DJ with ADD. About ten minutes into the music I finally was able to clear my mind and focus on running. I must say by the end of the album I loved it and wanted to hear another album.

I used L&K’s literary dimensions in scoring this music according to chapter four of the book.
Understanding the importance of seamless transitions between music samples music, songs, or samples that can be remixed to form a covert new song or music track 10/10

This artist who released 5 LP’s and is only 33 was originally trained as an engineer. I read that he left that field to pursue music. He has definitely mastered mixing music together. The blend of music and the various genre’s compiled into one song as well as one cohesive album is impressive. I found after the initial surprise of quick tempo music and fast changes, this album kept me peppy and interested throughout my entire run. I will in the future look for more of his music as this type of engaging songs really do motivate me to keep running.

Paying attention to rhythm and music genres 8/10

The rhythm of the different genres was a bit shaky. The speed and and slight slow down of certain songs did throw me off while I was running. I am not sure if it really was the music or my expectation of what the music is in its unaltered form. For certain songs that I have known to be slower in tempo, they were sped up which caused me to focus in on those songs in particular I can’t tell if my brain was working overtime or if the artist really intended on highlighting certain songs.

Knowing how to use audio editing software to splice together different music elements into a cohesive whole 10/10

There was no beginning or end to a song which is something I have yet to hear from music. Other than perhaps some classical music I don’t think I have listened to any band or artist who didn’t have some sort of distinction between songs. I think this type of music would work with exercise classes because it helps to distract you from the physical act of exercising.

There was not much to complain about with music this good. I am not used to listening to music that is so “remixed.” I was expecting a few songs to be blended together but was impressed to hear the seamless mash up of so many of the songs I know and love.

I can’t wait until my next run so I can listen to another album!

2 thoughts on “Need motivating remixed music?

  1. Jason Dunbar says:

    Hi Annie,

    Great find! Overall, I agree with your assessment. However, I may have given the author full credit for paying attention to rhythm and music genres. I guess this depends on how you interpret this category. For me, the author established a theme with the rhythm, even though some of the songs remixed may have been originally categorized under a different genre.

    I’m curious if the author spent the entire time (over 1 hr) creating this remix, or was it created over time where his mastery of editing software made it seem like one transition. Either way, it was done really well.


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