Snow White visits the Mile High City

This week’s Mash up assignment was particularly difficult for me to conceptualize.  I read through every option and was not inspired to do any of them right off the bat.  I found one finally that sounded like something I could relate to my Denver theme.  The directions were to mash up a children’s book based on another cultural reference.  I would have to say the most difficult thing about this assignment was thinking about what people thought about this state.  Aside from legal marijuana South Park immediately came to mind.  I searched Barne’s and Noble and Amazon for books and nothing seemed to tie into South Park (which as I reflect back makes sense).  I made a 7AM I phoned a friend who said why not use Snow White?  Perfection!  The south park characters would seem like dwarfs to her so the tie in was exactly what I was looking for.  No one said the inspiration had to be my own.

I researched various programs to use to accomplish merging several different graphics.  After seeing Kirk’s work in the last screen cast I was hoping to learn how to use Adobe.  No such luck was made as you have to pay for this service or download it as a 30 day free trial.  I was working on this project at home and at work so I was unable to download it.  I found Kirk’s work to be inspiring, although it made me feel a bit like I was lacking in the technical department.

I ended up finding a great back ground picture of South Park and I snipped a picture of Snow White.  I wanted to make it seem like she was much larger than the “dwarfs” from South Park.

SW1South Park

I then located a picture I liked of the 4 main characters from South Park which I individually inserted into the picture.

South Park 2

I then googled “Disney font” and found a free websites you could enter text and it converted the font in your chosen color. I threw all the pictures together and used Paint on my computer.  I used the “color matcher” snip(for lack of a better term) to fill in all of the edges that were left from snipping so many different pictures in one.  All of these instructions may sound simple; let me reassure you this is a very time consuming process.  I am not sure if anyone knows of a better program than this??

I love the results and I think it fits in as best as I could make it, with my theme.

Snow White visits the mile high city

3 thoughts on “Snow White visits the Mile High City

  1. CogDog says:

    Nicely done and explained- it does what mashups should in putting together media or cultural elements that you would not expect together. I can only imagine what happens to that smile after she hears the kids trash talk her.

    Finding and using the Disney font is a good bonus.

    The problem with creating graphics in Paint is that is destructive editing. Once you have put something in, re-edits are nearly impossible, because it is all done in one canvas. Even if you use Powerpoint, the elements you add are separately editable.

    If you really want to elevate your mashup/remix game, you want to be working in a program that lets you work in layers, so changes in one do not destroy others, and you can re-arrange them like the ways they did animation before computers (layers of cellophane).

    Photoshops is expensive and complex, yes, but you can use for free the open source Gimp (which does almost everything Photoshop does), but I recommend one my ds106 students did well with– a web-based layer graphic editor.

    You already know how to use Paint, I guess, level up and try something new 😉


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