#PenATweet day! :)

TDC had a “pen a tweet” with instructions below

What to do?

What we would like you to do is this.

  1. In every tweet, use the #PenATweet hashtag.
  2. If at all possible, ensure that there is nothing else written into the tweet. Let the handwritten photograph tweet do the talking.
  3. Be creative, consider a small activity in your school and tweet along to #PenATweet. Spread the word and be creative!
  4. Focus your #PenATweet messages on these topics: education, teaching, school, handwriting, spelling, grip, communication and language.
  5. Let’s celebrate the importance of handwriting in the midst of a digital era.

I chose a quote that my best friend said to me after I moved to Denver.  This idea has always stuck in my head as I have struggled with moving across the country.  I have good days and bad days but I always know there are a handful of people I can count on when I’m not feeling so optimistic.  Just trying to find a little positivity for my Monday morning.

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