Chasing Time

This week flew by as I struggled to maintain my school/work/life balance.  As fun and relaxing as holidays are supposed to be, it doesn’t always mean having nothing to do.  I attempted to compensate for my lack of time this week by completing my assignments early on in the week.

I finally have my Mac book situation figured out.  I have been getting used to how to post things to Twitter and the basics of blogging.  Once again half way through my class and now I have to figure out how to use a Mac Book.  I understand the whole Apple wave (I own an iPhone and used to have an iPad) but I have to say a Mac is a whole other animal.  I can’t figure out where things up when I download them or even how to attach files sometimes.  If someone would please tell me why you can’t right click on a Mac I would love to know the answer to that.  Copy and Pasting has never been so difficult as I found inserting hyperlinks to be a head ache.  It seems just as I was feeling comfortable ANOTHER technology change has forced me once again to rethink what I thought I knew about laptops.  Sigh,  It just doesn’t end.

I really enjoyed reading the chapter this week.  I have to say watching trailers that people compiled was very entertaining for me.  I felt really engaged jumping from YouTube to Fanfic to various different blogging websites.  You really can lose track of time when you get into watching some of those video people come up with.  Just by exploring a few trailers and I ended up deep into peoples stories.  Just picking one use of a remix was difficult based on the massive availability of work out there.  I would give myself a 10/10 this week.  Not only was I spending so much time immersed in various social media websites, I also found myself talking about these sites to people at work and in my personal life.  For example, I even emailed my picture of a remix to my supervisor (because she is a huge Bronco’s fan) and she loved it.

I spend so much working on some of my assignments I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I finish them,  It’s great that I am also picking up the technical skills to finish things as well.  I look forward to doing the different assignments each week because it forces me to be creative.  I can’t think of a better way to wind down from a busy day or after a long run.  This class has pushed me to think about the world around me.  Gaining new perspectives is giving me clarity in other area’s of my life because of this,  It is a great thing,

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