Titanic 2: Jack’s Alive?!

I had SO much fun watching various fanfiction trailers on YouTube.  I really did not have an idea of what direction I wanted to go when initially searching YouTube.  There are literally hundreds (probably thousands) of trailers for movies people made up.  I began thinking what movie did I dislike the ending to.  Titanic popped in my mind for some reason so I searched fanfiction and Titanic.  I was ecstatic to find that someone made a trailer for Titanic 2 where Jack ended up living. This is not a very long movie trailer I encourage you to watch this.

As you can see this trailer was everything that I hoped it would be.  I reviewed this piece of work using three literary dimensions as mentioned in Chapter 4 of L&K.

  1. Knowing how to access original movie footage to use in the remixed trailer. 10/10

One clever idea that Spirit55 (the author of this remix) did was to include deleted scenes from the first Titanic into this trailer.  This was a clever idea considering not many people probably watched the making of this movie or reviewed the deleted scenes.  This provided an interesting perspective on conversations that were not included in the original making this trailer more believable.

As I was reading Chapter 4 in L&K, I began to understand how remixing draws people in with the use of familiar songs or images.  Spirit55 captured the essence of a good love story by using clips from Titanic 1 coupled with dramatic “love” songs.  I immediately recognized the first sound clip she used as “The Scientist” by Cold Play.”  Also she used a second song which I was unfamiliar with.  The essence of both of these songs added drama and highlighted the love story.  While I am a fan of the Cold Play song, I immediately felt a connection to the movie paired with the movie clips.  To me personally, this was a very effective strategy that really motivated me to watch the entire trailer (even a few times).

  1. Knowing how to include written text in the remixed video to help convey the new story line. 9/10

There was a nice blend of short phrases in between movie clips or still shots for this trailer.  The addition of words helped to enhance the story by making it more fluid.  The words provided an informal and engaging explanation for what the movie clip was trying to convey.  For example, the words were “Two years after that awful night” and the next clip was of Jack and Rose in the water after Titanic sank.  There was an ease to watching this trailer that roped you in and I wanting to keep watching.  If anything, the words may have given away parts of the story that were better discovered after watching the movie, this did however provide a captivating trailer to watch.

  1. Paying attention to spoken language in the clips and using this to full effect, or muting it to make the visual clip ”work” within the new trailer. 10/10

This category Spirit55 did especially well in.  I really enjoyed how she inserted portions from other movies that Leonardo DiCaprio and Billy Zane were in, to enhance the story line.  One example of this was from a scene from Romeo and Juliet.  In this movie, “Romeo” aka Leonardo DiCaprio was walking by a fish tank when he saw “Juliet” aka Claire Danes for the first time.  I remember watching this movie and this was a very pivotal plot point.  Spirit55 captured perfectly the intensity and curiosity of the couple as they stared into each other’s eyes.  Now, this actress is obviously not Kate Winslet from Titanic but in this movie she looked very similar.  This clip stood out to me as a successful way to take prior movie knowledge and to apply it in a different unexpected way.

Overall: 29/30

The fans identity remains somewhat of a mystery to me.  I tried to do some digging on this individual to gather more of a perspective on what she was hoping to achieve with this trailer.  I looked to her fanfiction website for some clues on who she was.  She wrote and entire short story to coincide with the trailer.  There were nine chapters including actual dialogue between the characters in the movie.  I was surprised to see that this was the only thing she had posted on this website.  She more than likely had other blogs or possibly other social media venues she was writing through.I doubt she did this one story and gave up (but who knows).

I read through a few of the chapters of Titanic 2 and I was impressed by how detailed she was in providing points of view that were not necessarily from the main characters.  She gave personal thoughts from individuals that really painted a clear picture of the story.  I read through all of the headers on the chapters and it appeared this person was in high school or college while she was working on this.  The chapters ended on a cliff hanger that she hasn’t updated in three years.  Safe to say this is the end.  Overall, GREAT trailer although a bit on the amateur side I thoroughly enjoyed watching the trailer and reading about a fans perspective on what could have been Titanic 2.

New Literacies: Everyday Practices and Social Learning Ed by Colin Lankshear and Michele Nobel. McGraw-Hill Education 2008.

4 thoughts on “Titanic 2: Jack’s Alive?!

  1. Jason Dunbar says:

    Hi Annie – I agree with your assessment. I was not a fan of the original movie, but I won’t get into that here. What I thought was interesting was the authors choice of video clips to help the trailer move along. With regards to your first critique, I, too, thought it was clever to use extra footage from the original movie (behind the scenes, deleted scenes, etc.) to help fill some of the gaps. However, some of the clips used were grainy and difficult to see. Likewise, some clips pulled from other movies didn’t necessarily make sense. Why use footage using Claire Danes when the actress who played Rose was Kate Winslet? I guess this is not a huge deal, but if this were my work I would have considered an alternative.


  2. Susannah Simmons says:

    Titanic 2: Jack’s Alive!? Is an excellent example of fanfiction is a unique derivative from Titanic. I agree that the author chose perfect songs for her piece. Both “The Scientist” by Coldplay and “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri (I Soundhounded it.) drew me in, complimented the onscreen images, and left me longing for another love story to unfold. In New Literacies, we learned the importance of Maguma’s song selection in Konoha Memory Book. I believe that Titanic 2: Jack’s Alive!? “nailed” this part of the remix. Thanks for sharing Annie!


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