Rampage: Attack on Denver

I was initially excited to see that this week’s assignment was “design.”  I must admit I read what seemed like every assignment and none stood out to me.  I finally found one that was called the little caption.  The assignment was to take a picture and add a caption.  That seemed WAY to easy and kind of boring so I “remixed” a video game picture.  I am a very big fan of Super Nintendo (I like to keep it old school) so I figured I could find a game case and redo it to match my focal theme.

I hate to admit how long this took me to edit (a bit over 3 hours) not including actually writing this.  I began my research by googling “why Denver is awesome.”  I found three websites that confirmed the epic-ness if you will, of Denver.

I decided I liked the Denver skyline and I saw a lot on sports so I went with that theme.  I found this picture of the Denver skyline

denver skyline

and this picture of a video game cover.

rampage Attack on Denver

BEFORE                                                                      AFTER

Side by side view

I finally conquered using paint; I know its amateur hour over here.  I completely erased the skyline and attempted to draw Denvers according to the picture I found.  I am no Picasso but I tried.  Then I drew “Colorado” shirts on the two main characters that represented Bronco’s and Rockies’ fans.  I used the “snip” option on my computer to snip pictures of actual t shirts that were being sold online.  Pretty clever I know.  I asked someone in my office (YES I was working on this on lunch), who the Bronco’s rival was and I was told the Oakland Raiders.  I have no way to know if this is accurate but I went with it.  I found a phenomenal site that let me turn my text into “8-bit.”  I am not sure if I will ever visit this site but I had a lot of fun playing with all of the options to change your text.  This site is free by the way.

The finished product is pretty great if you ask me.  I learned a lot about Denver just from reading articles for inspiration and even though it took me a long time to work on this, I could probably keep going with my idea’s. Any feedback is always appreciated!

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