Remembering to exhale

This week was way smoother than the previous two. I STILL do not have a working laptop which has been the biggest headache for me. I have mostly struggled between work, my roommate’s laptops, and writing notes in my book and on post it notes. I have not been the most ecofriendly but I have been getting the job done.

I am still trying to decide how I feel about all this openness on the internet. It has been a back and forth of different emotions. I was finally just getting used to the idea of blogging and using Twitter and in chapter 2, Lankshear and Knobel made me reconsider my beliefs again. I don’t think I want pictures of me online if there is a power struggle of who owns my picture or where it could end up. So many different ideas have been in my head about who is able to see the things I post and how do I know if I have used the correct privacy setting. I try not to be overly obsessed about things like that but, the media sensationalizes things and it makes me think about it more than necessary.
After reading the second chapter, my paranoia was intensified with my review concerning how Facebook can readily identify people’s faces from pictures. I am even more uncertain how I feel about this technology because of all the potential benefits. When large successful companies such as Facebook come up with this technology how they chose to use it becomes the real question at hand. Will police be able to use their technology? Or could this technology be used in other malicious ways to track people online? There are numerous implications that the article I reviewed made me reevaluate all I have read from our book.
The more I read the book for this class the more questions arise in my mind in regards to what is to come. I am not a doomsday theorist but I fear that people don’t always realize the rights they give up when they open up new accounts or do not read the fine print. There is not always someone watching out for all the consumers who are using a product. The lines of privacy get blurry when it comes to who owns what or what is public use.
I have almost finished reading Chapter 3 of New Literacies and I am excited to dive deeper into the websites that contain all of the blogging, remixing and “fanfic” information. I feel I earned a 10/10 for the activities I engaged in and posted online. I am especially proud of the video I took during the flooding this week. The video itself was amateur at best, but the shocking content and people’s reactions really made for a great watch. When I sent this video to my two roommates I was amazed to see it spread like wildfire. I was receiving texts from mutual friends with their reactions. When I got home my roommate told me she sent the video to 20 people. It is funny to me that everything I have learned from class just came full circle and even people I hadn’t spoken to in weeks all of the sudden had a reason to reach out to me. Now THAT is social media at its finest! To get feedback on a video from someone who you didn’t send the video to, AND hearing that they sent it to other people is kind of incredible.  I am even embedding links into the policy documentation I am constructing for work (without even realizing it). I love that I can apply the things I am learning in class to my job. It not only reassures my decision to stay in this class but it also gives me so much hope and a positive outlook on what is to come!
I am still trying to develop my central theme of exploring a new city into my writing. It has been more difficult than I originally anticipated. I was happy to have a first-hand account of a crazy natural occurrence (the flood) earlier this week. I am finding that people’s reactions to unexpected events really humorous. People get so set into their ways of “normalcy” that an unexpected event such as a flood can really have an impact on some. This week I plan on focusing on the further development of my central theme.  I wonder what crazy adventures will happen this week.

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