Schooling myself on Denver

Today I reviewed a YouTube video about Denver, Colorado.  I did this because I do not know much about the city I live in and I am trying to figure things out (which has been a slow process).  I plan on visiting a few places mentioned in this video over the course of the next two months so we will have to see what I find.  Again, I used Jason Ohler’s rubric when critiquing this video.

Project planning: 9/10

Is there evidence of solid planning, in the form of story maps, scripts, storyboards, etc.?

This video was planned very well.  Everything that the narrator touched on was backed by video’s or photos of what he was referencing.  The script was well written.  The narrator gave history then a location and who would enjoy going there.  It was well thought out to touch on various age groups and what historical things they could do in the city.

Story: 7/10

How well did the story work? This trait can address structure, engagement, character transformation or any of the other qualities of story

The story of Denver’s history was adequately captured in this video.  If I was a tourist watching this video I would have been bored but well informed of the basic history of the city.  The drawback to talking so much about the history of the city is it gets dull if you do not talk about the future.  It is great to know about Golden Colorado being the mining town but I think most people probably do not care about that.  Tourists want things to do not necessarily the history portion of it

Content understanding: 9/10

How well did this meet the academic goals of the assignment and convey an understanding of the material addressed?

The content was the highlight of this video.  There was a plethora of information about the physical landscape of Denver.  They also touched on neighboring towns of interesting that are a short drive from the city.  There was many things mentioned that are more of a local thing such as “Rocky Mountian oysters.”  The video was warm and inviting mostly to people who are very into nature.  It did not touch on the happenings of the inner city which I found strange.

Other areas that were not addressed were how the narrator presented the piece.  He was attempting to retell the story in an old western sort of accent.  I did not buy into it and I thought it was cheesy.  If there was someone younger or more enthusiastic they would have been more captivating.  Then again I believe that the places that the narrator was talking about are not necessarily very exciting material to work with.  Instead of mentioning the awesome restaurants and bars they spoke about more of what perhaps an older population would find interesting.  I guess this overall video was not directed at my demographic so I should not be so judgmental.

I found the pictures and video very captivating because there is not a lot I have done in the city besides attending athletic events.  He (the narrator) did mention sporting events, so I suppose it wasn’t that far off.  I enjoyed watching this video and I am glad he highlighted how sunny and nice the weather is because that is definitely one of my favorite parts of living here considering I came from grey skies and overcast Cleveland.  25/30

Overall I would say this is a do not watch if you are a local but a do watch if you are not from here.

One thought on “Schooling myself on Denver

  1. La Dawna Minnis (@llminnis) says:

    Hi Annie,

    It is a bit bizarre that they don’t feature much for city life; why do you think this is? Perhaps Denver culture is more about getting outside of the city to enjoy the natural landscape and the historical sites? After a quick google search, I was able to find several art events and other festivals that take place in Denver so it seems they could have provided more information.

    Interesting that you point out that the video was aimed at an older demographic, but I feel that the older generations wouldn’t typically be the travelers who would seek out a video about a place. It looks like this video was produced by a travel booking company, but they don’t seem to feature the videos on their website so it looks like it is an advertising tool rather than an informational tool (particularly with the large, ever present website info). So, I suppose through an advertising lens, it is not as relevant to feature the local community events. A video of these events would be nice for those who are researching the city that are either moving there soon or recently relocated there.


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