What is this picture?

one second

What does this picture look like to you?  I will give you a hint this picture was taken right outside Denver by Cherry Creek Mall.

For my Visual Assignment this week I choose to provide a one second look of my video.  If you are staring at this picture thinking that probably a strategic angle, or my camera is wet, or I am in a body of water… you are wrong.  Please feel free to watch the video!

This was my first time posting anything to YouTube.  As I was watching the video I shot on my IPhone, I “took a picture” of the video in order to capture the one screen shot above.  After watching this video, you can see this was shot by me while I was riding the bus yesterday (June 25, 2015).  When I left work it was sunny and 85 degrees out.  After being in the bus for about five minutes, it began hailing and the hail appeared to clog the drains on the streets.  The streets became flooded as we made our way to Cherry Creek Mall.  My bus driver drove through all the flooded streets as if nothing was even there.  I don’t think in his defense that he had much of a choice.  Water flooded onto the bus several times but we all made it out okay.

I know that I am warming up to this class because of my immediate reaction to disaster… now I have something to blog about!!!  Whereas people were scared of the sirens going off and the alerts to their phone I was sending this video to everyone I knew.  I got to work early today so I could post this video for my “video assignment”.  I was delighted to see one of the activities on ds106’s website was to show, in one second, a story.  I chose the snip of when I initially started filming this video because it showed an odd perspective.  Although it appears that I am in water, I was on a bus.  Who would have imagined that amount of water on a bus?!

I have been an avid bus rider since I have moved to Denver.  I started my job in January and when I found out they paid for my bus pass AND that there was a stop at the end of my street I was ecstatic.  I can say with a great deal of confidence that I have never been on a bus ride like this one!  This bus ride offered me an interesting perspective on social interactions.  I was amazed to see people coming together to aid the bus driver in any way they could.  One person even went to the front of the bus and wiped the window every time the bus stopped because it was so foggy in the bus.  Although people were shocked (and disgusted) at the water pouring on the bus everyone kept in good spirits.  I am usually in my own world reading my Lankshear and Knobel book for class on the bus, but this time I found myself full engaged in conversation with everyone around me.  I had an odd but great time sharing bus stories the rest of the way home.

This whole incident make me VERY excited to see whats to come living in Denver.  I have never seen anything like this happen in Cleveland.  After sharing this video with my friends and family the overall response was questioning if we were in a state of emergency.  I was reassured by people who live here that this wasn’t that rare of an occurrence.  All and all, great bus ride!  Even the bus driver had a sense of humor announcing to the riders on the bus “I hope everyone grabbed all of the animals.”  I love a person with a sense of humor.  Denver is an exciting place to live!

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