Week 2: I will never be a Dj

Week two, slightly less stressful minus the audio assignment.  I feel as if I did a much better job pacing myself in regards to completing assignments this week.  I finally THINK I know how to do basic functions on Twitter and WordPress.  I am fully caught up on my reading and I have even been proactively reading ahead.  Chapter two was to me very philosophical and it made me question all of the assignments I completed this week.  Upon reading other individuals critiques of chapter two I found to not many people had the same thoughts as me.  While this is not necessarily a bad thing,  maybe I am thinking too much about these assignments.  I like to think more big picture and how the relate to the stories I critiqued.

The audio assignment gave me loads of trouble this week,  I have a new appreciation for anyone who can mix music or edit “wave” files.  I am somewhat proficient in Audacity now which almost make =s me want to put it on my resume.  I worked so incredibly hard to mix together two songs.  I cannot believe how one task could take my five hours to complete.  The final product was sadly not even that good.  I was supremely discouraged by how difficult Audacity was to use at first.  I felt accomplished just having something to submit at the end of the day.  My computer shut off on my twice prompting me to make a trip to Best Buy to return it.  Hopefully I will have a new laptop for week three that doesn’t provoke thoughts of murderous rage.

I enjoyed reading others critiques this week.  I especially enjoyed reading and learning about the intricacies of being a vegan.  Last week I was questioning how you know if products were tested on animals and if the government had any official labeling,  It was great to see people in this class really dive deep into their specific topics.  I think that is going to be my focus for next week.  I do not feel as if I am giving enough thought to my general topic of “exploring a new city.”  This week was slightly more difficult because I tried hard to think of how to tie in Denver into my audio assignment and nothing seemed appropriate.  I believe week three will be easier to relate my topic to because the next main focus is video.

I am feeling slightly better about this class now more than last week.  After working so hard on one assignment I am still pretty apprehensive about how I am going to be able to tie together my theme.  This week  I would say I earned 10/10.  I have been more actively reading peoples comments and blogs throughout the entire week and not just t complete assignments,  I am finding that I look forward to completing assignments (EXCEPT audio ones).  I look forward to finishing reading the third chapter.  It is a bit longer than the last two but I am already thinking about what I am going to write for my response to it.  Feeling gradually better about this class although now I need to give up my dreams of ever accomplishing anything relevant in the music world.


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