Reflecting on my struggle (and oh the struggle was real)

This week has been mostly been waves of stress, anxiety, worry, doubt but most of all pessimism.  Looking back I came out alive and unharmed.  I feel like I went above and beyond JUST to turn in my assignments this week.  I learned how to tweet blog, hashtag, what the @ symbol means and I joined about 6 different websites.  I can confidently say that I still feel a little lost but more secure.  I spent hours just writing notes about “how” to do things on all the social media websites.

What gave me the most trouble is not knowing how to use Twitter.  I had to google what # and @ meant.  I am sad to say that I am 30 years old and I still don’t have a clue.  I enjoy doing the TDC’s the most (yeah I had to figure out that acronym too) because they force me to think outside of the box.  Sometimes at work I think I might get buried in repetition but these activities (once I understood it) make me look forward to the weeks to come.  I have reluctantly learned I cannot judge a book by its cover, or a class in this instance

If I could do something differently I would have emailed Remi BEFORE the class started in order to not feel feverishly behind.  Also, I would have paid the extra seven dollars for the expedited shipping for the book. My question is… why do they not have one website that you can sign up for multiple websites at a time?  I have a difficult time remembering usernames and passwords I just search for ease of use.

I think at this point I am headed in the right direction in determining my focal theme.  One thing I know I need to work on is planning better.  Now that I have somewhat established the theme of exploring a new city, I want to come up with more of a plan on merging the Daily Creates with my experiences in Denver.  I need to stay ahead of the game for this to work.  Next week will be (hopefully) less stressful.

I believe I have earned a 10/10.  The effort I put in even surprised me.  I am finally at the point that I am feeling somewhat okay about turning in an assignment.  It is just not as easy as point, click, email but it is something I am getting used to.  Next week my focus is engaging more with my classmates.  I spent so much time trying to figure out if I did things correctly this was the one area I look forward to improving upon.

I lived, thanks to words of encouragement from far away.  I know I can stick with this.  It comes down to posting things that I like not just completing assignments.

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