Random Act of Kindess

Todays Daily Create was about coming up with a random act of kindness.  As easy as a task as this sounds I was not sure how to exactly accomplish this.  At my second job (Kohl’s) I thought about what I could do.  Every act of kindness I could think of actually just seemed like I was doing my job.

Feeling slightly defeated I went to Target for a few groceries.  After leaving he store a teenage male approached me at my car.  He told me he was looking for food for his mom and himself.  I rarely give money to people (and hardly ever carry cash) so I offered him food.  I told him I had yogurt in my bag.  He said it would really help. I reached in my bad and handed him two yogurts.  I really couldn’t tell if he was telling the truth but I did feel like I accomplished helping someone out (who was obviously having a bad day).  All in all it was a positive experience and I am glad an opportunity presented itself to me.

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