First Daily Create! Success.



First daily create.  I have been trying to think of a topic in which to focus my blog around.  I recently (about 6 months ago) moved here and left my entire life behind in Cleveland, Ohio.  I think a great area for me to talk about is being in a new city.

As I was thinking about what topic to choose this morning, I saw a homeless man on the street talking to himself.  Obviously homeless people are not foreign to Cleveland so the image of him did not draw an immediate reaction.  After getting to work I couldn’t forget about him.  When I went to start my assignment on I found one called “Hung up to dry.”  The instructions just said to draw a picture of things hanging out to dry.  This activity instantly reminded me of the homeless man I saw earlier.

Maybe I was getting too deep with the assignment but it’s so easy to turn a blind eye on those who need help around us everyday.  To create this picture I googled “free drawing website” and found  Fun assignment.  It took me three times as long to figure out how to post this to twitter as it did to actually do the assignment. I am optimistic my second assignment won’t take me an hour and a half.

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