About Me

Thank you for taking the time to visit my professional portfolio.

Highlighted in this website portfolio are my skills and knowledge in the Instructional Learning Technology and Design industry as well as my time in a Higher Education environment. Feel free to contact me using any of the forums below.   

Education and Design Philosophy

time quoteI desire to be an innovative documentation support specialist who produces logical and effective training documents. I strive to bridge all my previous (and current) school experience into the work place to provide individuals with the opportunities to do their jobs more efficiently. 

Learning has always been a high priority in my life, as time goes by I have appreciated the value it has brought me. I am currently working towards my Masters degree in Information & Learning Technologies program at the University of Colorado Denver.  I believe that educating yourself is a lifelong process and I enjoy constantly striving to better myself.  

Current Profession

I work as a Training and Documentation Specialist at the University of Colorado.  I create Step by Step guides for Employee Services for internal and external use. The teams I work closely with include Payroll, Benefits, Retirement, International tax, and Human Resources. My job includes improving current workflow processes in order to make things run more efficiently.  I enjoy my time in a Higher Education setting as it affords me the opportunity to directly apply what I learn in my Masters program to my work life.

CU Logo

Currently, I am restructuring the Tuition Waiver Benefit Processing workflow for the University of Colorado.  This project has provided me the ability to work closely with multiple departments at the University of Colorado as well the four campuses across Colorado. 

Please see my Portfolio for a sample of my ongoing Tuition Waiver Benefit Change Proposal.



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